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Reckless Discord

May 9, 2012

In March, a Wisconsin lawmaker sent shock waves throughout the nation with a comment regarding women in abusive relationships who are thinking of divorce. State Assemblyman Don Pridemore’s suggestion “If they can refind those reasons and get back to why they got married in the first place it might help” shatters the hope, confidence and courage of every victim and survivor of domestic abuse and violence, including those more than 1400 miles away in Palm Beach County, Florida.

FRCWC, a refuge for women, men and children affected by and at risk of domestic violence, receives more than 50 calls a week from victims and estimates that 400 more would like to call but are too afraid. Every month, our county makes approximately 285 domestic violence arrests and there are as many as 2.400 domestic violence cases at any given time in our local legal system. Despite financial limitations, FRCWC works hard to rebuild the lives of women, men, children and senior citizens in our community.

The reckless discord by politicians who are so out of touch with real people must stop! We must not become complacent and think that comments such as those made by Pridemore will all blow over. These strikes will continue unless there is outrage and action by all individuals who value equality and respect for everyone.  We need solutions, not laws or comments from lawmakers that put victims back in harm’s way.

Shandra d., FRCWC Executive Director
Jane w., FRCWC Program Director

PS: Here is a link to a petition requesting an apology from Pridemore.

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