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Take Action Wednesday – H.R. 4970

May 16, 2012

Today is Take Action Wednesday. FRCWC encourages you to contact congressional leaders and tell them to stand up for all victims of violence by opposing H.R. 4970.  Click here for the list of  key congressional leaders in each state, courtesy of The National Task Force to End Sexual and Domestic Violence Against Women.

Here is the message we hope you will share:

We still strongly oppose the H.R. 4970.  A YES vote on H.R. 4970 is still anti-victim and a NO vote protects victims. We oppose H.R. 4970  because it is NOT the REAL VAWA, it doesn’t include protections for all victims and it rolls back protections for victims of violence. It is DANGEROUS for survivors of violence.  We support a bill like the bipartisan Senate bill that protects Native victims, immigrant victims, LGBT victims and other marginalized communities.  H.R. 4970 increases bureaucratic inefficiency,  decreases housing protections while stripping the rights of community stakeholders to be involved in VAWA implementation. The rushed vote on HR 4970 allows no chance to discuss humane alternatives that treat victims with respect and decency. There is bipartisan support in the House for a reauthorization of VAWA that more closely resembles the Senate-passed bill (S. 1925) and Members should have a chance to weigh the merits of any and all alternatives to H.R. 4970 before they vote for final passage of VAWA.  

Thank you!


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