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SOS: Sharing Our Stories, “K”

May 29, 2012

It’s gonna be all right
Everything will be ok
This is her testimony — K’s story
Trouble don’t last always
Lyrics modified from Testimony by Mary J. Blige

Chances are you don’t know “K” or what she thinks of the Florida Resource Center for Women and Children, until now. In her words, this is her testimony:

Dear Shandra,

Seeing you yesterday was thrilling, which I’m certain was obvious to everyone in the room when I walked in.

You truly are a master at what you do.  The reaction of the women certainly attests to that.  Not only was I personally helped by simply being in your presence (I still miss those original classes), but I watched the others at the table be transformed right before my eyes.  How enlightening to watch each woman’s personal light bulb turn on; and I am personally very grateful for your assistance.

What a wonderful gift you possess, Shandra, so rarely seen in others.  Your passion shines through as you teach.  How fortunate I am to know you and benefit from that gift.

With sincere appreciation,

May the stories of struggle and triumph, perseverance and resilience, trials and tribulations, hope and healing, caring and giving back inspire you to live safe, live empowered and live in peace.  May K’s story inspire you to support the many services FRCWC provides to families in crisis throughout South Florida 24/7, 365 days a year.

Visit FRCWC online or call 561-848-8383 to make a contribution, in-kind donation or to volunteer.

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