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Stalked PB County Mom Needs Our Help and Prayers

July 14, 2012


During the 7/13/12 Riviera Beach (FL) forum on domestic violence, FRCWC executive director Shandra Dawkins shared the story of a young stalking victim who was recently denied relocation assistance by the state attorney’s victims assistance fund because a crime had yet to occur. She reported the stalker to the police twice. After the second report, the stalker was arrested, appeared before the judge and indicated that he would not stop stalking the victim. While clearly, the stalker has issues, he is not behind bars. The state attorney’s office referred the victim, a single mother of two who works as a school teacher, to FRCWC. We’re appealing to our online community of friends to help before it’s too late. Our community does not need another tragic statistic before local policymakers realize that they should have or could have done more. Because the need this year has been overwhelming, FRCWC’s emergency assistance funds have been depleted and we’re asking for your help. This mother and her two children need us today and if you can help in any small way, please visit FRCWC online (click this link) to make a secure donation of any amount. Together we can help keep this family safe and free from harm. Should you have any questions or need more information, call FRCWC at 561-848-8383.

Thank you!!

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