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FRCWC Says Shame on You Pat Robertson

September 14, 2012

Shame on You Pat Robertson

If he were a child, we would wash out his “potty mouth” and give him a long-overdue time out. But, as an adult, not to mention a minister, Pat Robertson should know better. Even his alignment with the “Conservative Christian Right” is no excuse for promoting domestic abuse and violence.  His latest jaw-dropper (and there are a string of them) is a suggestion that a husband move to Saudi Arabia, where the culture would allow the husband to beat his wife.  These comments should move every individual, regardless of gender, race, age, religious, political or sexual preference, to speak out and take action against reckless and incendiary leadership.

View the video below to watch Robertson in action on The 700 Club, which is aired on the ABC Disney Family Channel Network (be advised that some comments by viewers may not be appropriate for all ages).

While it may be easy for some to consider Pat Robertson just another pundit stirring the pot, let us remind you that Robertson is more than a talking head seeking the hype of a sound bite. He is a former candidate for President of the United States, a businessman and media mogul. He has acquired, sold and continues to maintain agreements with and interests in broadcast properties that are licensed by the government to serve the public interest. Pat Robertson, along with his various business vendors, advertisers, partners and affiliates, including the Christian Broadcast Network and the Disney ABC Family Channel, must be held accountable.

There are a number of petitions calling for Pat Robertson’s apology and the removal of The 700 Club from the ABC Family Channel. We encourage you to sign and share them with your friends and family because abuse and violence cannot and must not be tolerated on any level.

Thank you! Petitions:


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