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A Cry 4 Help

December 18, 2012

The Palm Beach Post headline reads “Woman slain 2 days after restraining order inquiry” and this tragic consequence of domestic violence happens every day in communities throughout the country. Click this link to read the full article.

Too many victims of domestic violence suffer in silence and live in fear. Too many whispers, cries and subtle inquiries go ignored and unanswered. While we must break the cycle of domestic violence, we must equally overcome the barriers of trivializing domestic violence’s signs, signals and triggers. It is too late for Shandreka Wilkerson, RIP, but for those who need a lifeline to live safe, live empowered and live in peace, FRCWC welcomes your support of its first responder program, which provides domestic violence training for those on the front lines. We must take every whisper or cry for help seriously to prevent domestic violence tragedies.

To make a secure online donation to FRCWC, a 501-c-3 nonprofit organization, click here or scan the QR tag below with your smartphone.

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