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FRCWC Post Update: Oxygen Says No Go to Shawty Lo!

January 16, 2013

Oxygen FailBravo! FRCWC applauds Oxygen for pulling the plug on All My Babies’ Mamas featuring a rapper by the name of Shawty Lo. According to press reports (click here to read), the network made an official statement Tuesday evening, Jan. 15.

FRCWC maintains that many reality shows demonstrate passive approval of abuse and violence, which are unacceptable behaviors. We’ve had enough of the scenarios that degrade relationships, friendships, women and families. We’ve had enough of the made-for-television mental, emotional and physical conflict, because our reality, as advocates for victims and survivors of domestic violence, is that these behaviors cannot be tolerated on any level. Subsequently, all of us must continue to hold companies such as Oxygen, which is owned by NBCUniversal, accountable for their actions.

Listen to this month’s FRCWC Peace Matters podcast for more of our take on reality television and what you can do to live safe, live empowered and live in peace. Click here to log on.

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